[PIGMI] Free-roaming VR game collaboration opportunity

Fabrizio Giorgi r4di4nt at hotmail.it
Sun Nov 25 21:20:34 PST 2018

Hi Garth .
Nice , I'll keep that in mind.
Regards Fabrizio.

On 26 Nov. 2018 1:02 pm, twitchtv/ VonSpriggan <orbitasounds at hotmail.com> wrote:
I could also compose original music and help with sound effects. I have a degree in sound engineering and would be very interested.


Garth Orthman

On 26 Nov. 2018 12:07 pm, Blaam Admin <jam at blaam.com> wrote:
Hi Fabrizio
This looks interesting. I'd consider collaboration as any or all of sound designer/composer/mixer.

Ben Chase

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Hi everyone, I'm after a programmer to collaborate with us for the design of a game for the new Oculus Quest platform.
You'll be part of a team of 3 developers and be splitting equally the ownership of the game and the profits.
It is a really interesting project with a lot of revenue potential.

The game will be used in ticketed events as a popup multiplayer skirmish here in Perth.

If you're interested, please contact me by replying to this email or by phone 0424036991.

Thanks Fabrizio.

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