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Dan Venkitachalam dan at arp.io
Mon Jul 6 23:55:11 PDT 2015

Hey y'all.

We're looking for an experienced developer at Adapptor and I thought I'd
run the job past the PIGMI's. We do a smattering of Unity work and
game-like stuff (VR, Kinect), though our bread and butter is iOS/Android
app development.

Apply here:  http://www.seek.com.au/Job/28985924

Passionate Mobile App Developer
Do you like to make things?

Adapptor are looking for a talented, motivated individual to join our dev
team. You've got knowledge and experience and a desire for more; a love of
taking designs and concepts and building in interactivity and intelligence;
a desire to do everything a little better than the last time. If this
sounds familiar then read on!

What we look for in a software developer:

Top notch programming skills. We're after the best.
Problem solver. We don't see problems as obstacles, we see them as
opportunities to excel.
Positive attitude. There is no spoon.
Eager collaborator. Work with other talented individuals to make awesome
Eye for detail. Function and form, both need to be perfect.
Quick learner. New concepts don't stay new for long.

The primary duties for this role:

Build iOS, Android and other types of applications as per project scope.
Write well-documented, high-quality, well-tested code that meets Adapptor's
coding guidelines.
Provide advice during scoping on appropriate implementation techniques to
achieve project requirements.
Work with UX, strategy and design specialists to deliver projects on time
and to a high standard.

This is what we do (the fine print). Bring your own knowledge or pick it up
as you go.

iOS application development (Objective C)
Android application development (Java)
A smattering of web application development (Python, Javascript, Linux)
Hard-to-pigeonhole applications (XNA, OpenGL, Unity, Kinect)
Many other things we haven't thought of yet
About Adapptor

We're a small team of experienced planners, user experience professionals
and software engineers working above a micro-brewery on the beautiful Swan
River. Yes, it is as good as it sounds.


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