[PIGMI] Looking for casual lecturer for Unity Games Development Jul - Nov 2016 and beyond.

Andy Hawkins andyhawkins at ozemail.com.au
Sun May 8 17:42:12 PDT 2016

Hi all,

A position has come up for Semester 2 2016 and we believe it will be 
on-going into 2017 and beyond for a casual lecturer skilled in Unity.

Commitment in Semester 2 2016 (July to December):
1 and 2)  Advanced Diploma class - Wednesdays 9 to 12 then 1 to 4
3)  Diploma Animation Games class(es) - Various days through out the 
week for 2.5hrs per lesson (grab as many as you can/want)

The ideal candidate will have the following skills.
- Ability to program Unity in C# (or UnityScript)
- Ability to debug C# (or UnityScript)
- Knowledge and practical skill in using PlayMaker.

- Ability to troubleshoot any problems that arise from the use of Unity 
where student may make mistakes.
- Ability to guide students in the creation of games to include the use 
Trello for project management.
- Ability to assist students in creating a successful marketing plan for 
delivery of a mock games product.
- Public speaking ability
- Course preparation / or presentation techniques

- Prior teaching / mentoring experience
- A natural affinity to assisting other with patience and appropriate 
interpersonal skills.

Delivery of knowledge:
(1 and 2) There are two core units required to deliver for Jul to Dec 
2016 called "Rapid Prototyping" (making games fast) and "Extend 
Expertise in a Specialised Media Field" (focus on one game and deliver a 
beta to mock market) delivered at Advanced Diploma Level.

(3) There is a 3rd unit delivered 5 times a week in the same period 
where if you had the time you would be welcome to pick of those 
classes.  This 3rd unit is called "Develop Expertise in a Specialised 
Field" and is delivered at Diploma level. The competencies break down as 
follows and you can contextualise the delivery of the three units in 
such a way that is comfortable for you based on your skillset and is 
relevent to the industry.

Competency Level:
(1 and 2)Advanced Diploma Level - Students are able to use Maya, Max, 
Unity, Mudbox, Photoshop, Premiere, Trello, After Effects, Flash and 
Toon (3)Boom but require assistance at a higher conceptual level for 
production pipeline, marketing and management techniques.

Diploma Level - Students are familar with Max, GameMaker, Mudbox, 
Photoshop, Audition, Trello and Flash, have had an introduction to Unity 
but have essentially 6 months training at this point and will still need 
to be instructed in entry level techniques for all software.

Summary of Units:
1) Rapid Prototyping ( making games fast - one to alpha )
- Assist students using Playmaker, Unity and C# to explore and develop 
different concepts and common gameplay functions to prototype level.

2) Extend Expertise in a Specialise Media Field ( one game product to 
beta )
- Design a game from prototype to beta including project management, 
marketing and peer review testing.

3) Develop Expertise in a Specialised Field ( make a simple Unity game 
from existing assets )
- Learn to use Unity for the first time to make a simple game and 
explore the functionality of Unity's input, graphics and scripting systems.

If you are interested and want to apply or want to find out more 
information please contact me directly at andy.hawkins at nmtafe.wa.edu.au

Andy H.

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