[PIGMI] Help with unity bump maps

Andy Hawkins andyhawkins at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jun 9 09:44:36 PDT 2015

Found this... might be a good place to start.  Once you have the normal 
map generated - bring it into Unity and change it's type to Normal Map 
then use on a new material of type Bump Diffuse putting the Normal map 
into the provided slot along with your Diffuse (Unity 4.5)  or Normal 
Map along with Albedo for Unity 5 (Standard Shader).  Unity will fix it 
as a Normal map if you forget.

Andy H.
> Hey everyone,
> A friend of mine is doing some awesome stuff over at UWA with unity. 
> He’s looking for some technical knowledge regarding bump maps and 
> xnormal in Unity, can anyone recommend someone who’d be willing to 
> give some advice?
> If you can help, send me a quick email and I’ll forward it over to 
> him. His name’s Josh Harle, and your bump mapping help could end up in 
> a project to map and record aboriginal cave paintings in the north 
> west, which is pretty rad.
> Cheers!
> Louis Roots
> SK Games Pty Ltd
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